Monday, 15 October 2007

Monetizing your site / blog - Affiliate programmes

Well I did entitle this blog webmaster's money making mission. So how exactly am I planning on making money? Well I've done the google adsense, don't we all start there? and more recently I have joined up with the following affiliate and advertising programmes:

Money4Banners: You get paid £5 every month for having a banner on 3 of your pages. I've been paid the £5 per month every month into my paypal account since starting with this about 6 months ago. You also receive £10 just for signing up! And £10 for every new member you refer!

Show text-ads on your Website or Blog with BidVertiser: Not heard of Bidvertiser? Do I need to explain? Ok Bidvertiser place adverts on your site and when your visitors click on the ads you receive money! Simple, and it works. They also have a nice referral program to ;).

Paid On Results: I was recommended to this by an friend from many years ago. Looks good and I will be incorporating it into my site over the next few weeks.

Big Fish Games - Principal Network Partner: I'm in the process of setting up a site dedicated to this. They even help with this. A free game download site, all you need is the hosting. Although you don't have to promote it this way, there are the usual banners and text links and RSS feeds, XML Data streams. Take a look.

Convergence Inc: Adult only products (over 18's only). They provide a free website - providing you can find a way to market it. Not suitable, for example, on this website.

AuctionAds: Not sure about this one yet. Basically they advertise auctions listings on your site. Not sure where to fit them in.

DIY-Dating: These also offer there own free dating website with choice of designs templates etc. Has possibilities.

Friendfinder: A well run affiliate program. Over 20 websites to promote ranging from Christian and Jewish friendship to Adults and Bondage! Caters for most interests.

Monetize Your Site

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Text Link Ads

Know of any more? Which ones are working for you? Don't keep it to yourself, get in touch and let us all know. Look forward to hearing from you.

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