Thursday 22 November 2007

What happened to Mister Linker?

Does anyone know what happened to Mister Linker? One minute they were there the next they're gone. I thought it was just the usual internet gremlins and it would be back but its been down for a couple of weeks at least.

I thought I would have a go at recreating the site, partly because I liked the site but mainly because I wanted to see how well I had progressed with my knowledge of php and MySQL. The layout is virtually identical as I took it from the original although the internal pages are different. I tried a few different ways to count clicks in & out and most in the end used javascript, the one I have finally settled on allows the site to work with javascript off (although it won't count the outgoing clicks) and creates a proper link to your site so will count as a backlink.

Please take a look


Apologies for the lack of updates lately. I've been ill and its amazing how far you can fall behind when a little illness hits you. So what's happened since I last posted. I've came up with a way to speed up my arcade site and reduce (or hopefully stop the internal server 500 errors). I did this by reducing the number of mySQL queries to create a page (currently the homepage), I plan to reduce the number even further and extend it to other pages once I am sure it is working well.

What else? I tested my php & mySQL skills by recreating the Mister Linker site but more about this in another post.

What about income, well as expected I haven't done so great! This is the totals for the month to date (22-11-2007).

Widgetbucks: $12.84 + $0.17 referral income
Last month I made a whopping $0.33. Plus I have my $25.00 signup bonus. So this month is certainly an improvement. 2 referrals so far also. This has been doing quite well for a low traffic site like I have however there have been concerns over the logging of impressions and clicks.

Adbrite: $0.25 this month, last month was $0.42.

Bidvertiser: $0.21. I'll never get this though as I have stopped using them on my site as my stats disagreed with there's.

BigFish: $6.27. I have had 6 referrals sign up and 1 which has gone on to purchase a game / pack which earned me $6.27. I have created a site using the free software supplied by BigFish at which seems to be picking up traffic all on its own.

Ciao: £0.51 (not a mistake it is added up in sterling). I haven't done much with this apart from completed a couple of surveys but you spent the time doing reviews and surveys etc. I think it would certainly add up.

Blogsvertise: $2. Only been offered the one task which was paid at a reduced price of $2.

Money4banners: £5. These continue to pay the £5 per month for the 3 banners ads placed on my site.

As yet I haven't been paid out for any of these as and when I do I will post.

Tuesday 6 November 2007

My New Arcade Layout

Uploaded it about an hour ago, still not happy with the colour but happier with the page as a whole. Will start adding more games over the next few weeks. Then I need to start on my new project. More to follow.

Monday 5 November 2007

Widget Bucks

Forgot to add. I have had one concern recently with regard to Widget Bucks, they seem to be messing about with the reporting of money earned. Some days you may show no clicks / no impressions and 0 earned. Other days it may appear. When it does appear it may make you smile but the next day new figures could appear which will make you frown. All in all not a good omen for the future but lets hope it is simply teething problems and things improve very rapidly or they will lose the momentum they built up on there excellent launch.


I've been busy working on a new layout for 247mgf. I've added a few mouseover effects to give more information to the visitors and I've added more games to the front page while taking up less space. This is mainly using thumbnails and text links while putting the descriptions in the mouseovers. Seems to work well. I still need to work on colour as i'm still not happy about them. Also new logo, Jim of JM Directory offered his services and came up with the new movie reel and gamepad logo. What do you think?

Friday 2 November 2007

WidgetBucks: One Month Old

WidgetBucks is one month old and aren't they doing well! Since launching on the 2nd October they have over 30,000 publishers and served over 200 million impressions. To find out more check out

It's a great start, as long as they pay out Still early days and they are still yet to pay out but early indications do look good and the ads seem to be working well on my arcade site at I have now added them to my I receive double the traffic here so hopefully it will provide a better response. The only problem I have with WidgetBucks at the moment is the time it takes for the ad to be served, I am almost sure this is why the WidgetBucks stats show a much lower impression rate than I am getting. My visitors are moving on before the ads even load. Hopefully this is something that is improved.

Free tooltip script

I've added tooltips to popup over url's on my arcade site which work well using scripts from However someone pointed this tooltip script out to me prototip. Looks really good and a lot more versatile than what I am currently using.

Hope it helps someone.

All the best,