Friday, 2 November 2007

WidgetBucks: One Month Old

WidgetBucks is one month old and aren't they doing well! Since launching on the 2nd October they have over 30,000 publishers and served over 200 million impressions. To find out more check out

It's a great start, as long as they pay out Still early days and they are still yet to pay out but early indications do look good and the ads seem to be working well on my arcade site at I have now added them to my I receive double the traffic here so hopefully it will provide a better response. The only problem I have with WidgetBucks at the moment is the time it takes for the ad to be served, I am almost sure this is why the WidgetBucks stats show a much lower impression rate than I am getting. My visitors are moving on before the ads even load. Hopefully this is something that is improved.

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